Sakura Santa Part 02 – The Beginning – |PC|HD|1080P|ENG|

Sakura Santa Part 02 – The Beginning – |PC|HD|1080P|ENG|


Koji is feeling a bit down. This year is the first Christmas he’s spending alone. After moving away from home to attend the University of his dreams, he found his college life to be rather lonely. Feeling distraught, he wanders to his local shrine to make an offering.

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have to say I love this VNG, but I have to say it's mostly because there is a fox spirit in it, I'm a furry, so that's why but besides that I love it. It's a cute and short Christmas story and it easy to read and no spelling errors what I saw off, so if you like girls with big boobs and in sexy outfits on Christmas then this is for you.
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